Types Of Split Level Houses

Ranch-style homes were modified to create the split-level homes. They were created with the idea of using the space effectively. These homes are usually preferred because they provide separate areas like the kitchen, dining room and the living room along with the bedrooms. These split level homes are of following types that are built on altitudes, flat grounds and on any terrain.  


  1. Standard Split Level 
    They are identified because of their entry levels at the ground. There are short set of stairs that lead to the other parts or levels inside the building. These standard split level homes designs in Melbourne are made up of multiple levels that are either two or more in number. The middle levels are meant for the kitchen and the living room. The bedrooms are created on the top levels along with the bathrooms. The homeowners have their fun side of the homes at the least level in this kind of the split level.  
  2. Split Foyer 
    As the name indicates the split foyer has the structure split into two halves. Whether it is the stairs or the levels they are two in number. The ground level has the entrance. The entry door is placed in between the two floors. The moment you step in the home you realize that there is dual division of the entire building. This impression is created by the set of dual stairs. One of these moves in upward direction while the other goes down. The kitchen, dining, bedrooms and the living rooms are adjusted on the top most level and what make this level really interesting are the high ceilings. The ceiling at the lower levels is at a level lower than the top ceiling level. The lower levels are meant for the sake of recreation like the standard split style homes.  
  3. Stacked Split Level 
    It is a comparatively high version of the split style houses. The core difference is regarding the number of floors which are either four or five. The entry is created at the lowest level which is the ground level. The stairs move towards the kitchen soon after stepping into the home. The name stack comes from a unique feature that is regarding the bedrooms. It seems that the bedrooms are stacked together just above the foyer. Opposite to the staircase going up there is a one going down too which ends up in the basement.  
  4. Split Entry 
    These are multiform house and land packages in South East Melbourne and numerous stair sets. The entrants can use the door that lies between the floors. The entry area is not a part of the main building. Just after entering into the home we come across the stair cases that are leading to the main floor or the lower level. Although it has two distinct levels but the structure gives it the appearance of a building that has three levels.